Monday, November 15, 2010

Promises to Myself

I promise to myself to stop worrying so much about Lauren.
I promise to myself that I should spend more time with Lauren doing her therapies, even if they are a drag and often feel like we aren't getting anywhere with them.
I promise to myself that I really need to start that 1 year photo book for Lauren (second child syndrome)..she's already 15 months!

Well its been a quiet November so far. Lauren is 5 weeks post op now and is finally starting to eat and drink alot better. She's still on chunky purees and soft foods, but we'll slowly move her onto table food as her eating improves. Physically she is still a bit weak, but getting stronger by the week. Over the past couple of days, she is finally starting to crawl around a bit more and is slowly taking on the stairs again. We saw a speech therapist two weeks ago regarding Lauren's lack of progress in the expressive and receptive speech language area (even with her ear tubes). It wasn't a real big surprise when we were told Lauren is severely delayed in this area. We kind of knew it, but its always a bit sad when its confirmed by a specialist. So we are back to basics in this area and begin ploughing away again.

On the upside, Lauren is now starting to vocalise when she doesn't want something taken away from her. If she's holding onto something she likes, she'll actually protest and cry out when you remove the object away from her hands. An inchstone, but we'll take it! So Lauren is now being bullied every day by us as we take things away from her just to get her to vocalise! Kayla continues to be Lauren's best friend and best therapist and is constantly echoing any sounds or noises Lauren makes (part of Lauren's speech therapy is have her noises or sounds echoed back to her to instigate a conversation). Its awesome....we find it a drag sometimes, copying Lauren's little noises, but Kayla loves doing it and thinks of it as a game. We feel that Lauren is now becoming more aware and attached to her sister as she will now cry if she see Kayla leaving the car to go to school. Its the cutest and sweetest thing.

Kayla continues to enjoy skating and is learning to skate backwards. She's learning french at school and now knows her colours in french. And she told me today at McDonalds that when she goes out with Daddy to McDonald, she doesn't ask to go pee because he can't take her to the "lady's room", and that the boys washrooms only has potty that hang on the wall, so she has to hold her pee in until she gets home. Gotta love it!

I promise to myself to sit back and enjoy the small moments with my two darlings (oh yeah, and the hubby too)
I promise to myself to do what I can, ask for help when I need it, and realize that all the worrying isn't going to change anything...the cards have been dealt, its how you play the cards...sounds like a familiar post, eh?
I promise to myself that as long as the family is happy and healthy and smiling, I will be ok
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