Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lauren : Egg Hunt, Kayla : Tooth, Kate : 36

We did our annual easter egg hunt this year with some friends at a nearby park. This was the first year the kids hunted for eggs in a field.

As Lauren is still a very slow runner, if you can even call it a run (its probably closer to a speed walk), Steve lifts Lauren up and scoots her to the field

Good ol' daddy helps Lauren look for eggs in the field

Lauren was very hesitant about picking up the eggs. Not sure if it was a sensory thing to the grass or a visual thing with the eggs blending in with the grass or just because "its a new activity and I don't want to do it cause you are pressuring me to do it". All Lauren wanted to do was to stomp on the eggs.

Eventually she picks up an egg and examines it, realizing its just a plastic egg.

 After 20-30 minutes, Lauren finally "gets it" and starts to pick up the eggs and places them in the basket!
 We've now been doing easter egg hunts in our home, and Lauren loves looking for the eggs that Kayla hides.

Kayla lost her first tooth last week

 Sunday mornings in my bed...smiles, laughs and warmth, while Daddy sleeps and its 10am....

For my birthday, Steve bought me and the girls matching dresses. What a sweet idea. This was the first time he has bought clothes for the girls ....and he got their sizes right! 

Happy 36th birthday to me!

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