Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Beautiful Poem

I wish I was this poetic...when I read this poem, it brought tears to my eyes - I just had to share:

My son is perfect.

Oh those scars on his chest?
They don't bother me,
Just a small reminder
Of where he used to be.

He doesn't walk and he's almost 2?
But if you knew how hard he works
You would see what he can do.

He doesn't talk?
Not yet but I hear him just fine
His words will come in his own time.

You still have to feed him?
Yes but to me that is just not a chore
It's time I get to spend with the son I adore.

Don't look with your eyes or a pitiful stare
Look with your heart and you will see what is there
A smile so bright it lights up the sky,
A laugh so infectious, that you must now know why,

I thank God everyday for the son he gave me to love.
Truely he is, our perfect gift from above.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Weekend Pics

Another big winning at Canada's Wonderland. This makes it the 3rd big prize this summer!
Lauren enjoying her first red blue icee

Raspberry picking

Kayla learning about why cars need gas

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vancouver Trip Pics

Some pics of our recent trip to Vancouver to celebrate Steve's Grandpa's 90th birthday.

Kayla and her Great Grandpa Choo

Lauren strolling through Gastown with her Grandma

Kayla sampling cotton candy gelato from a Vancouver gelato store that features 219 flavours

Kayla and Lauren with their cousins at the Vancouver Aquarium

Lauren in her chinese dress with Daddy

Kayla and Auntie Diana on a suspension bridge

We had a great time. The girls did well on the trip considering they both got very little sleep due to late nights and early wakenings. Both girls got a high fever on the trip, with Lauren landing in the emergency department in Vancouver diagnosed with croup. Steve went fishing with the boys and caught a poisonous rock fish, while the real fishermen in the family reeled in 20lb salmon. Lauren and Kayla enjoyed their first ride in a double stroller and their first 4D movie at the Vancouver aquarium, Kayla showed no fear of heights at Capilano on the suspension and tree top bridges and I scored $13 nike shoes for Lauren at the Seattle outlets, climbed Grouse mountain in the pouring rain and got fed food for the first time by Lauren. Lauren walked everywhere in Vancouver (literally), and was all smiles for everyone on the trip even when she was sick and coughing. We celebrated the milestones of Kayla and Lauren's great grandpa's 90th birthday and their grandma's 60-something birthday. We also celebrated the inchstones of Lauren taking more steps, Kayla eating the entire cucumber maki roll (cucumber, rice and seaweed), Lauren blowing kisses (sometimes!), and Kayla saying grace at the table before we had our dinner. It was great to see and spend time with the family and we look forward to doing it again soon.
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