Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Kiss and Peeling Cucumbers

Lauren loves to kiss herself in the mirror. She's been doing this for a month or so now. Every time she sees herself in the mirror, she excitedly scoots up to the mirror on her knees and gives herself a big smooch, leaving saliva and handprints all over for mommy to clean up.

But tonight, she gave her first real kiss to someone other than herself - and it was her Daddy! And I happened to have my camera around when it first happened.

Lauren did her first clap tonight as well!! Its not a full clap, but a half clap (where one hand hits the other hand), but its her way of clapping for now and we couldn't be more proud of her. Once I get it on video, I'll post it. Finally we are starting to get some gestures!

She said "mama" first (actually its the only word she babbles), gave Daddy her first kiss and waved for the first time on command to her sister. Lauren shares her first inchstones with everyone in the family and we all continue to cheer her on. 

Of course, this can't only be a post bragging about Lauren, so here is some new tidbits about the other child. Kayla has learned how to use the vegetable peeler and has become very proficient peeling cucumbers.

Her French and Mandarin vocabulary is now larger than mine and she is teaching Steve and I new words every day like pineapple in French and rabbit in Mandarin. I am working on getting Kayla to sit still while eating and to wipe her own bum... she is 4 and she is fully capable of doing it, but she insists that I be her designated ass-wiper. She'll sit on the toilet and yell "Mommy come wipe my bum" at the top of her lungs and won't stop until I do it. Pee or poop it doesn't matter. She likes her ass wiped professionally. I should get her one of those Japanese toilets that gives you a spray of water and a light blow dry for her birthday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Day at Canada's Wonderland

We spent the holiday Monday at Canada's Wonderland. An overcast day, we got caught in the rain a few times, but nevertheless, we had a great time spending some family time together.

 Lauren waving "Hi"

 Kayla on the bumper cars, but she spent most of her time stuck in the corner as she didn't have enough strength to turn the steering wheel or and she was too short for her feet to touch the pedals.

 Kayla and Daddy making funny faces as me as they rode the Swan Ride in the rain. Lauren's new favourite thing to do is slouch, she thinks its so funny and I swear she is doing this just to make me mad. When she was first learning to sit up, her high chair and booster seat was supported by towel rolls everywhere as her weak tone made it difficult for her to sit up straight, and she would always slouch or lean over to one side. She would always helplessly slouch in the shopping cart, stroller, restaurant high chairs..... Now she's slouching just for the fun of it .... and I can't help but think back of how far she's come.

A day at Canada's Wonderland wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Milk Can game, where one ball in the milk can wins you a gigantic stuffed animal. This is Steve's favourite game and he's a pro at it. He loves playing it for the thrill of winning, but I always discourage him from playing because we already had and have so many of these huge toys sitting in our home and in our families homes. Compelled to play, he sinks a ball in the milk can on his 17th ball and wins Kayla's friend Olivia a big prize to take home.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Weekend of Flowers, Birthday Cake and Chips

 Mother's Day cards from Kayla and Lauren

 Kayla and Lauren's cousin Evan's 1st Birthday (seen here with sister Elle)

 At least Lauren's Occupational Therapist would be happy...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lauren Takes A Few More Steps

Out of the blue, we decided to try and see how far Lauren could walk. I hadn't seen Lauren take more than 2-3 steps independently since my last video post about 2 months ago, so imagine the surprise yesterday when I filmed her doing this:

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