Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vancouver Trip - Video

Its all about family... a video of our trip to Vancouver in celebration of Steve's Grandpa's 90th Birthday.

Untitled from Kate Law on Vimeo.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kayla at the Butterfly Conservatory

In Niagara Falls, Ontario - the Grandparents and Kayla ventured out for a day trip to see some butterflies and the waterfalls

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lauren 2 Year Birthday

Lauren turned 2 years old today. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with friends and family in a backyard "splash" party. I can't believe my little baby Lauren is 2. She's still a very tiny munchkin - wearing 12 month clothing, size 4 shoes and I doubt she's even 20lbs. This is terrific (for me) because this means that she'll be eating off the kids menu until she's 16, and she'll be "under 3 and free" at Canada's Wonderland, the Zoo, and other theme parks probably until she's 5!

Lauren has been surprising us lately with a spurt of inchstones. She is now forking food and feeding herself (not too gracefully, but its definitely a good start) - and today, for the first time, she ate yoghurt all by herself! She doesn't really like cold things, so I"m surprised she ate it, but I think because she can now spoon herself, she's more willing to eat....which is fantastic, because I need to get more fat into her. In the last few days, Lauren has also started pointing her little finger at everything and anything of interest to her. We took her to a toy store today and she was pointing at everything, the kite, the balls, the bibs, the diapers, the of course, picking up on the opportunity to work on our speech goals - I'm labeling like crazy everything she points to. I probably sound like a walking dictionary. But the best news of all is that our private physio therapist discharged us!! I did feel silly having Lauren walking up the driveway for her physio appointment last week and then having Lauren walk down her stairs - clearly she is now mobile. While we still have to work on squatting and getting into standing without pulling up on something - I have seen Lauren make several attempts, so we both feel its just a matter of time until she "gets it". It was great to get the affirmation that Lauren no longer required intensive physio. We will continue to get physio from the community PT for the next little while, until Lauren reaches her last set of goals. But hurray! One less appointment.

Lauren WALKING AROUND in her pink tutu swimsuit

Blowing out the candles with her sister and friends

She loves blue icing...I think she looks like a smurf

Lauren and Sidney

Lauren had a great time at her party. She really enjoys the water and although it was a tiring day for her, she did really well.

Here is a link to Lauren's 2nd Year Video:
Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Lauren 2 Year Video from Kate Law on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Little Beach Bums

The beach totally suits Lauren's personality to a tee. She's the most laid back and content little "toddler" I know. We went to a beach north of the city this weekend and the girls loved it. Every time we tried to lead Lauren out of the water, she wandered back in herself. Kayla took her first pee in the lake (this was my fault - the washroom was too far away - so I told her to do it in the lake)....and she had a difficult time doing so, insisting on taking off her bathing suit in the water to pee otherwise she didn't "feel right". The drive up was a little long and the stupid GPS lead us astray onto some back roads, but all in all, we were glad we made the trip up and we'll be sure to head back again before the summer is over.

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