Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Hungry Caterpillar turns 1

Lauren turned 1 years old this past Saturday! We had a backyard celebration with family filled with balloons, streamers, good food and cake! I made Lauren a cupcake cake (will post pic soon once I find my camera) of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Not sure where the idea came from, I just saw it when I was surfing the internet, but when I did come across it, it was perfect. Lauren is a hungry little caterpillar (she loves to eat, but she just seems to have a hard time putting on weight), who inches around (literally). One day, when she is ready, she will come out of her cocoon and I know she will blossom into a beautiful butterfly that everyone will marvel at and admire. Lauren had a good day on her birthday. She loved eating her cupcake, icing and all. And she was surround by family and loved ones, what more could she ask for? Her sister Kayla helped her to blow out her candle and open her presents. Lauren was full of smiles for everyone on her birthday. She had a good day. And so did we.


  1. We had a good time too. Thanks for a great party.

    This is a blog of the peas and carrot. How come is has most peas and very little carrot?


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