Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chapter 1: Palate Surgery Done

Lauren had her palate surgery this past Tuesday and was discharged today from the hospital. We ran into some respiratory issues following the surgery, but she's a trooper and took well to some new medication that was prescribed by the respiratory therapist to open up her airways and is now at home. The surgeon said the surgery went well and she had a U-shaped missing palate (as opposed to a V-shaped). He had to make some additional incisions and stitches because of the width of her missing palate, and expects her to be a swollen and sensitive in the mouth for a little while.

She's still a bit tired and groggy from the surgery and medications but otherwise is doing fine. We have been giving her tylenol and morphine at home to help manage the pain. She has been eating soft solids like yoghurt and baby foods the past two days and is slowly sipping her milk. She would rather eat from the spoon than drink from the sippy cup, so we are gently free pouring her milk into her mouth. Below is a picture of Lauren in her arm restraints, which she has to wear 24/7 for 3 weeks to prevent her hands from going in her mouth and pulling or infecting her stitches.

Steve and I are glad that the surgery is done and that finally this chapter of the book is closed. But many more chapters on the Lauren story awaits for all of us ....

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