Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunny and Blue

I picked up Kayla from school yesterday and as we approached our driveway, I remarked "I think I forgot my house keys. I can't find them in my purse. We'll have to sit in the car and wait for Daddy to get home". Kayla says to me, "But mommy, how did you lock the door when you left the house?". SMART. So I think back to this morning and realise, I did not lock the door (via the house to the garage). I just shut it since Steve and the kids were leaving after me. So I told her, "Mommy did not lock the door this morning". Without hesitation, Kayla replies, "Then why don't we go through the garage?" - Meaning if the door through the garage is still unlocked from this morning, we could go through that entrance as opposed to the front entrance. SMART AGAIN.

Kayla continues to amaze me almost daily. I don't know if its because I'm constantly looking for inchstones with Lauren that I now see the inchstones with Kayla. With Kayla, everything comes naturally and quickly. One day she suddenly started putting on her own clothes, one day she suddently knew how to do her own zippers and I'm sure one day, she'll all of a sudden be able to tie her own shoes. Just the other day, she told me she can now do buttons and wanted to unbutton all the buttons on my coat for me. She is my daily dose of sunshine.

With Lauren, we have to show her everything, we have to practice everything, and even after showing and practicing what feels like the millonth time, we still have sometimes very little to no progress. I wish things came easier for Lauren. At times, the inchstones seem hard to come by, making those milestones seem even farther away. I hope this is only a rut and that we'll be out of it soon. Must be the winter blues...hopefully the sun will come out soon.

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