Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kayla Turns 4

Happy 4th Birthday Kayla! Kayla turned 4 this past Valentine's Day. She had a birthday party with all her friends at a playgym, which she loved, and I made her a blue cupcake cake as she requested. She continues to have an abundance of energy and is one of the most chatty, witty little girls I know. When asked the other day what her Chinese name was, she called herself "Choi Choi" (meaning Chinese vegetable) - her Chinese name is actually Choi Ha. And she laughed herself silly over this.

She is starting to discover princesses, but still loves her Dora and Diego. Her favourite past times are practicing her writing skills, doing sticker and colouring projects, watching Dora/Diego on tv, playing with my iphone or her new Leapster, doing craft projects, and reading books. Kayla is still a tiny munchkin, and her recent weigh-in on my scale at home put her at 28lbs - so she'll probably be in a car seat until she's a teenager. She still requires a good 30-45 minutes of non-stop coaching, pleading, praising and sometimes yelling to get her to finish her meal. Although most of the time, I just give up these days. Her favourite foods are popcorn, mango slushie with tapioca bubbles and cake icing.

Here is a picture of Kayla at her 4 year old party with her friends:

Kayla on Valentine's Day

Kayla ( 4 years) and her sister Lauren (1.5 years old now)

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