Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Therapy, Therapy, Therapy

So Lauren is in multiple thearpies throughout the week, some public, some private and the take-away "homework" is often overwhelming to say the least. She has a laundry list of goals from every thearapist and we are now trying to incoporate multiple goals into a single activity.

Every activity she does, even the most basic ones, have alot of "hidden" therapy:

Say the name clearly (and show her) what the food she is going to eat. Wait for eye contact. Wait for vocalization. Give her the bite. Sign more and ask if she wants more. Wait for vocalization and eye contact. Give another bite. Seems simple, but it tooks us months to get her to this point. 6 months months ago, minimal looking, no vocalizing, minimal interest in interaction.

Reading A Book:
Show her the book, wait for vocalization, have her turn the pages, have her lift the flaps, point all objects in the book to her (say words clearly), tap finger to show her specific objects in books (watch to see if her eyes shift attention). Again, seems easy enough, but 6 months ago, she couldn't turn pages and would be very reluctant to touch the peek-a-boo flaps in the book and just didn't know how to flip the flaps.

So that's what we do. Unfortunately, she doesn't get too many "freebies". Even when she wants her milk, I put it down the hallway from her, so she has to crawl to get it - and cheerios are often hidden under containers - so she has to grab and flip the container to get them.

Lauren's current therapy schedule:
Early Intervention: 1hr. every 2 weeks
CNIB: 1hr. every week
OT: 1hr every 2-3 weeks
PT: 1hr every 2-3 weeks
private PT: 1hr every 3 weeks
ST: 1hr every 8-11 weeks
private ST: 30 min. every 2 weeks

Plus on top of this we have routine check-ups for hearing, vision, development, etc. So as you can see, Lauren is one busy girl - making us super busy parents!

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