Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Beautiful Poem

I wish I was this poetic...when I read this poem, it brought tears to my eyes - I just had to share:

My son is perfect.

Oh those scars on his chest?
They don't bother me,
Just a small reminder
Of where he used to be.

He doesn't walk and he's almost 2?
But if you knew how hard he works
You would see what he can do.

He doesn't talk?
Not yet but I hear him just fine
His words will come in his own time.

You still have to feed him?
Yes but to me that is just not a chore
It's time I get to spend with the son I adore.

Don't look with your eyes or a pitiful stare
Look with your heart and you will see what is there
A smile so bright it lights up the sky,
A laugh so infectious, that you must now know why,

I thank God everyday for the son he gave me to love.
Truely he is, our perfect gift from above.

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