Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Little Beach Bums

The beach totally suits Lauren's personality to a tee. She's the most laid back and content little "toddler" I know. We went to a beach north of the city this weekend and the girls loved it. Every time we tried to lead Lauren out of the water, she wandered back in herself. Kayla took her first pee in the lake (this was my fault - the washroom was too far away - so I told her to do it in the lake)....and she had a difficult time doing so, insisting on taking off her bathing suit in the water to pee otherwise she didn't "feel right". The drive up was a little long and the stupid GPS lead us astray onto some back roads, but all in all, we were glad we made the trip up and we'll be sure to head back again before the summer is over.

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