Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Family Video

So I'm so pissed. The christmas video I was working on my macbook got messed up this past weekend. It was nearing completion but when i started to re-edit it, I noticed some funny quirks were going on with the video. Long story short, I shut my mac down, and when I went to power it on, the video was gone!! I was able to retrieve the file from the trash, but parts of the video are screwed up and I was unable to get the raw data file back to edit. In a frantic, I went to the Genius Bar to see if they could help me, but nope, I was told I would have to redo the video all over again, and that I was lucky that at least I had a trashed copy I could reference. Well, as Kayla's birthday is fast approaching in Feb, I've got lots of birthday planning to do and unfortunately don't have time to redo the video.

So here it is, there are quite a few moments of flawed scenes. This sucks. Oh well.

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