Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Snow and Presents for Kayla

Another round of snow hit Toronto this weekend, allowing the girls to go sledding, Steve to rebuild his ice rink and me to finally sport my new snowpants and boots I purchased just to wear in the snow!

This was one of Lauren's first time in the snow and as expected, she did not like it (never likes anything new). But after taking some time to warm up to the white and fluffy stuff, she finally calmed down and enjoyed herself on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

 Steve made Kayla wear her hockey helmet to go sledding after reading some internet article about kids and head injuries due to sledding...i guess better safe than sorry! Kayla never put up a fuss and had a blast going down the hill with Lucas (our next door neighbour), Lauren and even with me!

 Mis-matched snowsuit of a size 6-12 month snow pants, 1 year jacket, 1 year gloves and a size 4-5 hat! A small peanut with a big head.

Kayla is turning 5 tomorrow, Feb 14. I'm super excited to give my gift to her..a photo album of family pictures (she really, really loves all her family) and a bunk bed. I've always had a dream that my girls would sleep in bunk beds together. Not sure why this has always been a dream of mine, but I had a bunk bed growing up, and I have a lot of fond memories with my brother and sister and the bunk bed, from playing beachball volleyball, to playing camping/tent, to having birthday sleepovers, to coming home from camp to see all my dolls hanging from belt nooses from the top bunk (the doing of a bad sibling...Keith) to coming home from camp again to 100s of yellow-post it notes that say "you are ugly" all over the bunk bed (bad sibling Keith again). Ah, the good ol days...Anyways, I hope Kayla loves it as much as I already do, and I hope she builds a mountain of fond memories with her sibling like I have.

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