Thursday, June 17, 2010

An early shout out: Happy Father's Day

To the #1 Daddy of Kayla and Lauren: Kayla and Lauren are very lucky to have a fun loving, silly dad like you. Without you, there life would be full of drills, commands, and not so fun stuff with their police-like mom. Kayla running to the door everytime you come home from work, Lauren smiling and drooling at you adoringly from afar and near, both girls snuggling in bed with you on a Saturday morning, these are the pictures I have of you with our girls. You've taught Kayla how to ride her tricycle, how to make silly faces, how to topsoil the lawn. Lauren always looks forward to spending time with you every night from bath, to bottle, to book, to bed. While we watch both girls grow up, they will amaze us in their own way I am sure. Continue to be strong, optimistic, fun loving, and nurturing, the girls need it and so do I. Happy Father's lets see how long before you read this on this blog.

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