Friday, June 25, 2010

A perfect beginning to summer

Lauren sat up on her own! It happened on Father's Day. I put her on her tummy and went to wash the dishes, then when I came back she was sitting up. I was in disbelief! I kept asking Steve if he was sure he didn't touch her and he kept insisting he didn't. Then the next day, my dad found her sitting up in the playpen after a nap. And finally today, she did it again, this time right in front of our own eyes, with Kim, Caralen and Keith as witnesses too. We were all so happy. We made her do it 10 more times, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. You should have seen us all cheering and clapping for was very memorable.

On a different note, Kayla has announced this week that she no longer needs the potty training seat to go pee, she wants to sit herself up on the real toilet seat by herself. She is getting to be such a big girl! Kayla's last day of school was today. And then its 60 days of summer at home...I hope I can survive. I've signed her up for a variety of activities to keep her busy including soccer, mini chefs, skating and arts&crafts. Of course she'll also be engaged in household activities such as laundry sorting, weeding, watering the flowers, dusting with the swifter duster and making lunch!

An update on Lauren - We are scheduled to see the eye specialist in late November and the hearing specialist later this summer. I can't believe the waits are so long. Even when we see them, who knows if this will only mean more tests and more waits. Lengthy wait times, the results of a public medicare system. But what other choice do we have? Buffalo?...So in light of all that has happened, and the odds of everything that has happened, we decided to buy some lotto max tickets for tonight's draw of $50 million..maybe, just maybe, we'll hit the odds on a winning ticket. And then maybe we will be heading to Buffalo...

A funny remark by Kayla this week - I went into her room to wake her up for breakfast. When I walked in, she said "mommy you scared me" (because I had quickly opened the door and she was startled)..."you are like a ghost". Ha ha. Love it!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. And happy 60th birthday Choo mom!

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