Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 Twig and 1 Pig

I can't believe it's already September. The summer just flew right by. Kayla started her new pre-school today without any issues. The whole family saw her off and we expected her to shed a tear, or say "don't go"....but NOPE, she just walked right into her classroom, turned around, and said "bye", and was off playing with the other kids. We were left standing at the door, sad but yet so proud that she is so independent and her own little person. At least when I picked her up, I got a huge hug and a million smiles and tight squeezes! And guess how her lunch went? Horrible. Today was the first time that I packed her a lunch (I previously always purchase the school meal plan, but the meal plan wasn't available this week). I packed Kayla a slice of leftover pizza, 5 baby carrot sticks, 6-8 small cubes of watermelon, and a drinking box. And what did my 25lb 3 year old eat for lunch? 2 carrot sicks, all the watermelon and that was it. Yup. She eats like a twiggy model....

Lauren, on the other hand, is eating pretty like a little piggy these days, but sleeping awfully. She has decided that 6:30am is the new wakeup time, and that 10pm is the new bedtime. With only 8 hours of sleep, she still fights all her naps, and on some days, won't even take one. Hopefully this is a phase, that won't last too long cause I am  getting tired. Her days are now at Grandma's house filled with lots of attention and love. Steve has been taking her to her therapies, thankfully he has a flexible work schedule, and often the grandparents will tag along to get some ideas of things they can do with her at home. Progress continues in most areas, but of course is slow. She is now consistently babbling MAMAMA, but only if she is whining or upset. When she is content or happy, she says nothing. Strange I know. So the pea remains quite quiet, even in the presence of her super loud sister Kayla. But she SMILES. Oh how I LOVE THAT SMILE. I don't care that she's not walking, talking or tick tocking...that smile lights up my day every day.

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  1. You know... I wonder if that could be considered a word? Airomise is quite for the most part but when he does "talk" he is a chatter box. We had coos for the longest time though. The funny thing is once he babbled it didn't take long for mama and dada to actually be a word and not a babble. If those are the only 2 words he ever says though I am glad he can say them! Melts my heart when he says mum! (BTW his mum started as a whine too...)


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