Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Awesome Things

So I'm reading a book called The Book of Awesome. It shares life's little awesome moments such as getting the entire row of seats on an airplane to yourself or filling up an ice cube tray and making it back to the freezer without spilling any of the water. The author writes about all the thousands little things that make you happy and makes you realize that if you enjoy the simple moments in your life, you will be happier. So it got me into thinking of what awesome things make up my day. Off the start, two immediate things come to mind:

1.Picking Kayla up from school and being greeted with a huge welcome of “Mommmmmyyyy I missed you”...My favorite part of the day is picking Kayla up from school. I walk into the school, and from the classroom door, quietly say “Kayla”. Kayla, with her super sharp ears, hears me, turns, and quickly runs to me, from across the classroom, with open arms, shouting “Mommmmmmyyyyy, I miss you”. She grits her teeth and lips as she give me the biggest hug possible. And all the other kids in the classroom are watching us. But the best part is, Kayla doesn’t care. She doesn’t care they are all staring and wondering. She doesn’t care that she has diverted everyone’s attention from their activity. She just knows that I am here to pick her up, and she misses me. Awesome.

2. Opening up the door to Lauren's room first thing in the morning and being greeted with a huge smile....My other favourite part of the day is going into Lauren's room when she first wakes up in the morning. She is always standing in her crib (another awesome thing), just eyeing the door, waiting for it to open. And when I open the door, I get the biggest smile ever. A smile of recognition, a smile of please take me out, a smile of I want my milk. A grinning 8 tooth smile, accompanied by a stream of drool. Steve and I always fight over who gets to open the door. Sometimes when we fight over who gets to open the door, and it ends up being a physical race. The feeling you get is like opening the door to a prize on a game show. And although we know what's behind the door, everytime we open it, we are always in awe. Awesome.


  1. That's it, I'm picking Kayla up from school from now on... You also forgot to mention what's so awesome about me!

  2. This is such an inspiring post! I love reading your blog. Grats on the surgery date BTW! I know how scary and exciting it can be. Things will be SO much better after though. After Airomise's surgery it was just amazing!
    BTW I find it a huge blessing both of us were able to wait so long before needing each surgery done. They really do recover so quick and at this age the risk is such a small amount. A was home after 4 days from his heart surgery!


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