Sunday, December 12, 2010

Choo Family Newsletter 2010

So every year we do the usual Christmas tradition of sending out holiday cards with a family newsletter. A glimpse and summary of the major events for the year. This year, writing the family newsletter was a bit more of a challenge as I tried to write a balance piece of work that doesn't damper the holiday spirit yet truthfully reflects the year of crazy activity. So this year, I've decided to publish my annual newsletter on this blog instead of sending it out with the holiday card. I figure if you are following this blog, then anything I mention in the newsletter isn't really a shock. However, for my friends and family that aren't following this blog, receiving a christmas card and newsletter from me may draw too many questions. So to all my family, friends and followers of this blog, here is my yearly family newsletter (along with some recent pics):

The Choo Family Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

Only when we thought things couldn’t get any busier, it does. This year has been an extraordinary year full of surprises and challenges big and small.

Kayla turned 3 year this year and woke up to her bedroom fully decorated with streamers and balloons. Celebrating the big day with family and friends and a Dora cake, she continues to be our special little Valentine. Lauren celebrated her 1st birthday in August and marked the milestone by taking her first crawl just the week before she turned 1. She blew out her 1st candle on her Very Hungry Catepillar themed cake and wolfed down an entire cupcake.

To celebrate Kate’s dads 60th birthday, the Law family went down to Florida to celebrate the momentus occasion. Sharing a 4 bedroom house, we had a great time at Disney, Seaworld, and just lounging by the pool. Kayla’s favourite Disney ride was the Dumbo ride and Lauren enjoyed watching Shamu at Seaworld. Both kids enjoyed spending time with their cousin and the grandparents, and it was a really great trip to just "get away". 

This year Kayla took her first steps on the ice rink, her first jump on a trampoline and scored her first soccer goal. She continues to have an abundance of energy and has been eager to try new sports and activities. We have been most amazed by her co-ordination and balance on the ice rink. After a few short months, she is independently skating, slowly, but steadily, and can’t wait to play hockey with Daddy this winter. Kayla also loves to dance, bake, do puzzles, do arts and crafts and sing pop songs by Usher and Lady Gaga. In her letter to Santa this year, she asks for a set of tools and a toolbox so she can help Steve fix things and an iphone.

Most notably this year, Lauren had her cleft palate repaired. While recovery felt long, she was a trooper and is now eating away on her solids and sucking away on her sippy cup. As we continue to put together the pieces of the puzzle, Lauren continues to amaze us in her own way. She is one of the most laid back, content and cuddly babies we know. She adoringly loves her sister Kayla and enjoys wrestling (or being wrestled), reading books, listening to music, and cruising around the house. She detests naps, naps and naps. Her favourite foods include yoghurt, berries, baby mum-mums, cheerios, and bread. She is enjoying her Saturday morning music class and looks forward to sledding and playing in the snow with her sister. 

Kate and Steve both started a new job this past September. Kate has returned back to the healthcare sector and Steve is on a new business venture with his Dad.  We look forward next year to seeing the girls grow up and becoming even closer friends. We thank all our friends and family for their continued thoughts, prayers and words of wisdom. You have all helped us along our journey and we hope the ride hasn't been too bumpy. 

Warmest wishes this holiday season,
Choo Family (Stephen, Kate, Kayla & Lauren)

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