Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Updates, updates, updates

Its been awhile since I've blogged (work has been super busy and 7am meetings mean I am in bed before 10pm)!

So let me give you a quick rundown of what's new with little miss Lauren.

We met with Lauren's surgeon for her 6 week post-op check up last week. The follow-up went well and Lauren will not need any follow-up surgeries. Yay! Her weight - She is in trouble. The little monkey has not gained weight over the past few months and is now plateauing on the growth curve and starting to dip. So we are now on a rampage of squeezing as much food in her as she'll take and turning to high calorie foods and fortifying her milk with table cream...the same menu Kayla was on at this age, but Lauren's weight issue is unfortunately more severe than Kayla's.

Lauren's had a hearing test (with her ear tubes) and she didn't do very well. She is hearing, but she is very inconsistent reacting or turning to sounds and noises. The next step for us, if her hearing continues to be inconsistent, might be hearing-aids. But the audiologist wants to see her again next month before we decide what options we have.

The wait list is over and we finally reached the top of the list for PT and OT. Lauren started seeing an Early Intervention PT and will be seeing her every 2-3 weeks until she is either walking independently or is six years old. The PT has a PhD in PT, is very thorough, prepared and organized, and Lauren seems to be taking to her well. We will also be meeting with Lauren's Early Intervention Occupational Therapist this week Friday for the first time.

And lastly speech....Lauren is starting to make more noises as a first tiny step. I've found a private speech therapist and we'll be going in for an assessment early next week and hopefully we can get Lauren some regular weekly sessions starting December. So with PT, OT and ST, Lauren is one busy little girl. And hopefully, if things work out, she'll be starting pre-school next Fall as well.

Other than that, Lauren is doing well. Still very content, she adores her big sister Kayla and seems to be watching her alot more. She's smiling and laughing alot more now, especially with Kayla, which always brings a smile to my face.

Kayla has picked up skating really well and has just finished her 2nd block of lessons. She is eagerly awaiting to go skating with her Daddy. She continues to love gymnastics and can crop across the high bar with ease. She continues to be witty, super energetic, and just fun loving with everyone she sees.

Christmas is quickly approaching. The tree is up, the stockings are hung..only the presents remain. Oh how I miss shopping for presents on maternity leave...weekday shopping was the best. I am dreading the crowds, the hustle, the packed parking lots and the long line ups. And now, not only do we have gifts for our friends and families, I need to get little somethings for Lauren's therapists and my co-workers. 24 days of shopping left....

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