Monday, April 25, 2011

Enjoying The Small Things

Sometimes, I can get so caught up on how Lauren is developing that I often overlook the small things. Its easy with typically developing children to just enjoy the big things, like we do with Kayla, but with Lauren, we have learn to enjoy all the little things that nobody sees except for us, grandparents and her therapists. Small things like using her finger to poke at a small hole, laughing at herself in the mirror when she has stickers all over her face, walking two steps on her knees and picking and eating all the strawberries on her plate over the waffles and toast bits.

Lauren's pace of development has really allowed us to see all the teeny tiny steps that are required to achieve a milestone. And because of her, this has also taught us to sit back and enjoy Kayla's small steps too - learning to not confuse "b" and "d" when learning phonetics, attempting to cut her own food with a knife and fork simultaneously, colouring within the lines and finishing all her morning milk without being reminded.

Yes its the small things that make me smile. Its the small things that I remember the most. Its the small things that give me hope that Lauren will achieve big things one day. 

Lauren may be a turtle (and her sister the rabbit), but as long as she tries her hardest (and we know she is trying!) it really doesn't matter if and when she finishes the race... especially since she has family and friends rooting for her all along the sidelines. If she finishes the race, the fans may stop cheering. So maybe, just maybe, she is purposely taking her golly old time and smelling the roses along her way. 

Here is Lauren reaching into a bin, grabbing a big truck and pulling it out of the box. Yes, not huge steps for any toddler, but for Lauren, these are big achievements. She is exploring in an unfamiliar environment, she is reaching into a box, and she is lifting a big object. She is often hesitant and shy of new places, but at this play place, she did really well. 

Another small thing - but big for Lauren - is expressing herself. Lauren is the most content little girl and truly is usually content with most situations. Here she is expressing discontent with being left alone. I love it!! It wasn't too long ago, she simply wouldn't have "noticed" that she was by herself and content to be on her own. She is recently becoming more aware of her surroundings, the absence or distance of Steve or myself, and is showing stranger anxiety!

I think the looking picture is one of my all time faves. With all the eye specialists and appointments we've been through with her vision..this picture reminds me of just how big and beautiful her eyes are, and how curious she can be with her eyes.

And finally those hands...those tiny tiny little hands. She was so scared, reluctant and unsure of using them for the longest time. She didn't want to touch anything.  Even with cheerios she would hesitate picking them out of a bowl. Now her little hands dive right into containers of raw pasta. We are still working with therapists to quicken and strengthen her use of those tiny little ten, but we have seen improvements - which is all that counts.

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