Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Soccer Season Begins

Well I can't believe its already June! Kayla played her first soccer game this past weekend and she did awesome! Although she's the tiniest on the team she has a bundle of energy and some quick feet which makes her a perfect match for the sport. She scored the first goal of the season for her team, and went onto to score two more. Well neither team had a goalie...but hey, a goal is a goal. We couldn't be more proud of her!

She's growing up quickly and is starting to show "attitude" with pouty lips, rolling eyes, mad faces and of course the "NNNNOOOOO". We never did go through the terrible twos with her, so perhaps this is her time now. Aside from this, she continues to be a very sweet, thoughtful and funny little girl who greets me each morning with a "good morning", even when I wake her up from sleeping, and a "have a nice day! love you! see you tonight" everyday before I go to work. Gotta love it! She has recently become very fascinated with traffic signs, asking me what all the traffic signs mean...I must admit, some of them I don't know and I'm making up an answer on the spot. Others are just so hard to explain, for example, how do you explain Merge? I was thinking of buying her a driver's education book so she could study and look at them. I can't believe Kayla is approaching 4.5yrs in August... One day Kayla will be 16...and I'll think back to this day when she was asking me about the No Left Turn sign, the No Stopping sign and the No Parking sign - and why there is a No Parking sign but yet a car is parked there.

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