Saturday, December 24, 2011

Letter From Santa to Kayla

So Kayla has been misbehaving quite a bit lately, to the point where she is kicking and screaming and hitting. Most stem from her not wanting to eat breakfast or dinner and end up with her throwing a full tantrum where ever we are. With only a day until Christmas and our constant reminding that Santa is watching her, you think she would be on her best behavior...but this is not the case. This morning, we had another meltdown over brushing her teeth. So her letter from Santa this year reads as follows:

Dear Kayla,

Did you know that all my elves have been talking about you?They are all very impressed that you are trying to stop sucking your thumb. Mrs. Claus and I are proud of you too! I have included a special mitten that you can wear when you go to sleep to help remind you not to suck your thumb at story time and at bed time. I know it is hard, but it is all part of becoming a big girl.

The elves and I have been busy building toys and getting my sleigh ready for the big trip. Mrs. Claus is hard at work making me a new outfit. It seems that I've outgrown my suit from last year! The reindeer are training each day, so they'll be ready for the big Christmas Eve journey!

So, you can see we're keeping busy, but we're looking forward to visiting Markham and stopping at your house. I understand that you have asked for running shoes with velcro, a train set and dollhouse from Santa this year. I have been watching you and sometimes you have been naughty and Mommy and Daddy have been mad at you for not eating your food and sitting down properly.

I will try my best to bring you one present from your list, but I first must give the toys to all the boys and girls who are good all the time like your friends Lucas and Alfred. I hope that next year you will be a good girl all year long so I can bring you everything you ask for.

Don't forget to hang your Christmas stockings. I have something special for you. And for snack I would like to ask for some chocolate milk, gingerbread cookies and some oranges for Rudolph.

Merry Christmas and Warmest Wishes!


Will post her reaction later tonight once I give her the letter.

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