Thursday, December 8, 2011

China-Thailand-Hong Kong

Here are some random pictures of our recent trip to China, Thailand and Hong Kong. We both had an amazing time, filled with laughs, once in a lifetime experiences and surprises. It was also a nice break from the kids, although I'm sure this will be our last trip without the two girls...we miss them too much!

Shopping in Guangzhou, China. The streets were so busy and packed. But within the busy streets we came across numerous alleyways filled with vendors selling knock off bags, shoes, wallet, watches and pretty much anything you can think of. Some knock offs were great copies of the original - with serial numbers, certificates of authenticity, and official tags. Many looked almost real and some, the sellers swear, are real - just over production or factory seconds that didn't pass quality standards. We managed to score some great deals after some hard and long negotiations with loud, feisty and thrifty chinese vendors.

If only I could remember where I took this picture...also didn't help that the tour was entirely in Mandarin, which I have no understanding of.
We drank shots of either cognac or Mao Tai with every dinner meal in China. And because its rude not to drink or to turn down a toast, we were more than feeling happy at the end of the night (Mao Tai has an average alcohol content of 53%!)

Sanya Nanshan Cultural Park in Hainan, China. Pictured here is the statue of Guan Yin Buddha standing 108 metres tall on a man made island in the sea. It is larger than the Statue of Liberty.

Canton Tower, the highest TV tower in the world, eclipsing Toronto's CN Tower by 75m. It is 610 metres tall and stands in the heart of the Pearl River. We had lunch at 404m high, with a spectacular view overlooking the city and stayed the night in a hotel on the Pearl River.

We shared a  private car with two Buddhist monks from the Chinese Buddhist Temple in Toronto. We rode with them for 4 hours from China to the Hong Kong airport.

What trip wouldn't be complete without some interesting eats? Above are water cockroaches...yummy.

Angry Crab

Soup with a sea horse. We also had snake soup and turtle soup too.

Downtown Phuket Thailand. The most amazing place to party at night!! The ratio of women to men is 10:1. Lots of "lady boys" so you have to be careful. Steve was fully on guard and we were always making gender bets. You get around by Tuk Tuks (the red cars in the picture).

A baby elephant at our resort hotel in Phuket.
This food stand is actually attached to the man's motorcycle. For $2CDN you get a bowl of rice noodles with all the toppings. It was so good!! And we didn't get sick...

Boy, Girl or Ladyboy? I say Girl, but Steve swears its a Ladyboy....
Patong night life. Street side bars and clubs, loud music, table top go go dancers...
The best part of Thailand was the cheap massages. We got 1 hour foot massages for $7 and I got a 1 hour facial for $11 and my eye brows shaped for $2!!

Shopping at the night markets in Hong Kong. Cell phone covers, apple accessories, you name it - they got it. 
Hong Kong - Eating on Temple Street at midnight. Lots of people were just getting off work.

Can't go to Hong Kong without trying the street food including curry fish balls.

More shopping in Hong Kong

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