Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day Weekend 2012

To the most patient, caring and funny dad - Happy Father's Day! At school, Kayla made her dad a coin dish and Lauren made her dad a piece of artwork. We made pancakes from scratch, topped with sausages, english muffins and fresh fruits, leaving the kitchen a disaster.

We had a BBQ dinner that night at my father-in-law home and Lauren loved playing with the wind chimes outside in the backyard. She kept hitting the chimes with a badminton racket and was laughing up a storm.
On Saturday, Kayla went fishing for the first time with Steve's sister Karyn and her fiance. They struck gold and caught 5 trouts in less than 2 hours. Kayla had a really good time and I think she enjoyed spending time doing something new and different with her aunt and uncle. We had the trout for dinner that night and it was deliciously cooked over BBQ on a cedar plank.

On Friday this past weekend, Kayla brought home a story book that she has been working on at school every day since shortly after her birthday in February. Apparently, every morning at school Kayla has to write a few sentences and then draw an illustration. We were pleasantly surprised at her writing and how articulate and funny she is. Some of her stories were hilarious. Below she writes "On Sunday I watched Alvin and the Chipmuns. It was fun. My dad fell asleep." - Go figure. Now I know what goes on when I'm out grocery shopping in the afternoon.

After seeing her parents on their laptops all the time, Kayla makes her own laptop. Kayla is getting to be super creative and we love it!

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