Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Savory Moments

I love my girls feet...and yes that is a box of rice krispies all over my floor. The girls then thought it would be funny to walk all over the cereal, making crunching noises and feeling the cereal inbetween their tiny toes. Before Lauren I think I would have freaked out if I saw a box of cereal spilt all over my floor, but now, moments like this are an opportunity to just step back and savour the moment and worry about the clean up later. And yes, Kayla's toes are painted in effort to stop the "toe picking". Its been working so far.

But daddy doesn't care about the cereal...cause he's not the one who has to clean the whole mess up...he greets them with a huge hug.

Kayla is taught at school to use her finger to approximate the amount of space you should leave inbetween words when writing...

Kayla's shoes after less than 3 months of wear. They are worn so roughtly that she actually broke a hole right through the right toe of her shoe. Guess I won't be passing these onto Lauren.

Lauren holding a flower...1 year ago, she had so many hesitations with her little hands that she would have never have held onto a flower, so this moment was definitely one to savour. For more awesome Lauren moments, be sure to check the new tab I've created on this blog dedicated to moments of awesomeness.

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