Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Girl Bed

So we finally did it. We disassembled the crib this past weekend and moved Lauren to her big girl bed. It was sad to see the crib go, and the realization that Lauren was getting bigger and growing up, in some ways. We weren't sure how the transition would go (as all new transitions with Lauren always take a lot (i mean ALOT) of time), and with the absence of her crib bumper pad, we thought Lauren would have a hard time settling in for the night as she often likes to nuzzle her head right against the crib bumper. So we surrounded the bed with blankets and pillows and so far, knock on wood, she has slept through the night well on her own.

Kayla readily volunteered to sleep with Lauren in her new big girl bed and they did this together for the first few nights.

In the mornings, Kayla would grab books from Lauren's book shelf and bring them into bed so they could read together - allowing Steve and I to catch a few more hours of sleep.

But the few good days of us sleeping in came to a halt once Kayla moved back into her bedroom (because Lauren got sick) and Lauren figuring out how to climb out her bed on her own. Now I am greeted every morning by Lauren standing beside me in the early morning, watching me sleep, with a dirty diaper. She doesn't make a sound, but just stands there, watching me and making me feel guilty that she might have a diaper rash. Her silence (and smell) speaks louder than words.

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