Saturday, September 1, 2012


Going to the CNE always marks the end of summer for us. Last year we started the tradition of going with my brother and his family, and we continued with this tradition this year. Its so much fun going with them because they love to eat (and so do we) and they love to play games (and so does Steve!). We got there just after 5pm, just in time for dinner at the Food Building. 

Finally got a picture of all the kids looking at the camera after taking over 10 shots in a few seconds.

At the entrance to the Ex -  Lauren looks a little zonky looking cause she just woke up.

The kids play their traditional funball game and share a bucket of balls.

The doughnut hamburger. A meat patty sandwiched with 2 krispy kream doughnuts!

Steve's favourite game - Wack-A-Mole. A winner every time!

We stayed at the CNE until almost midnight! Kids were exhausted, but had a great time.

Lauren loved playing with Kayla's flashing wand, which she won at the duck pond game.

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