Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's Go Blue Jays

Jays vs. Yankees - a Saturday game with the kids and their cousins. They were a bit restless, but thankfully there was plenty of empty seats for the kids to roam around. Armed with snacks, drinks and popcorn, we managed to stay till the very end. Lauren loved the popcorn and Kayla covered up her arms with blue jays tattoos. While nobody paid any attention to the game (except for Steve), it was a fun experience - although not really worth the $50 a seat for the kids who barely sat.

Kayla presented me with my own invitation when I walked in from work this evening. It was such a warm and happy feeling. Her writing is maturing and her pictures...well they are still very "sticky" but coming along in her own time.

This year Kayla has homework. Her Montessori (she is now a Graduate or Senior Kindergarten equivalent) is now asking that she do a page of Math and English from her workbook every night. Kayla loves doing her homework and asked if she could finish the entire work book on her first homework night. I asked the teacher, but they politely told me no - just 1 page/night - boy was Kayla was disappointed.

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