Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Gardening

We finally got top soil for our garden, bought some shrubs and did some fall gardening last weekend. Kayla was eager to help out and wore her kid size gardening gloves, perfect for those tiny fingers.

Lauren's feet are still a tiny size 5 and the smallest hand-me down rain boots I have from Kayla are size 6. So I splurged last weekend and bought Lauren rubber boots that will fit her for the fall, especially since she loves splashing in puddles and stomping in the mud.

Next year we'll have to work on the grass...or what's left of it...our grass has been raided by clovers.

Our outdoor playset is about 5 years old and is on its last legs (you can see that one of the walls is about to break off). And I've been waiting 3 summers for Lauren to enjoy the playset and finally, last weekend, she climbed all the way to the top by herself surprising both Steve and I. Now if only she liked going down the slide...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Lauren after a good spaghetti dinner.

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