Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving forward for Cheerios

I have made the discovery tonight that Lauren is motivated by her cheerios. When I put them at a small distance, she is taking the plunge from sitting onto her belly, and then attempting to move FORWARD to get them, which is huge, since she would only before go backwards on her tummy before. She isn't crawling, just kind of slithering forward on her belly (sort of) - and to be quite honest, she only moved a few inches forward. Its a painful sight, because she is trying so hard to get the cheerios but is frustrated with her own lack of strength to get herself moving where she wants to go. She isn't very co-ordinated, but at least she is moving in the right direction and it finally looks like I have found something to motivate her to MOVE. I had tried every single toy and object in my house and she would just stare at them and reach, and if she couldn't reach for them from her sitting position, she would just simply give up. I think it will still be awhile, as I can see she still needs to work on building her tone and strength in her core and upper body, but hopefully this is the start to her getting mobile! 

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  1. Yesterday at Kevin and Diana's wedding, Lauren reached out and stole Bree's mini-wheat and stuffed it in her mouth! It was so funny! Bree was happy to share and even offered her next mini-wheat to Lauren. Unfortunately, Lauren isn't quite ready for a mini-wheat, so your Dad had to scoop it out of her mouth. But it was really cute to see Lauren and Bree snacking together :)


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