Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My peanut's hearing and vision

An update on Lauren's hearing: We went took her for another hearing test at the hospital this week. She has a moderate hearing loss in both ears due to fluid build-up. It is a temporary loss, thank god. She will need get ear tubes put in when she goes for her palate surgery (which we still don't have a date yet), and then the hospital will do another hearing test after that. So all in all good news, and we hope with the ear tubes this will help with her speech.

The vision remains a puzzle. We had another visit this week from the vision consultant who is still puzzled with her vision. Lauren does see, as she is grabbing and attending to toys and objects of all colours, textures and sizes. She doesn't show any of the classic CVI symptoms, so right now, there isn't any vision exercises we can work on. So why did we get a test result of delayed cortical visual response time? What does this mean? Functionally, she seems right now to be ok. Her attention span isn't the best, but because she is behind in meeting her milestones, the vision consultant noted her attention span is developmentally appropriate for where she is at. She still has some issues with looking at people and her surroundings, but I guess we are just at a wait and see point. We have an appointment with the optho next week, so we look forward to hopefully getting some answers.

Other than that, not much is new with Lauren. She had her weight check with the doctor and she is about 15 and 1/2 pounds...little peanut. We'll see if she can beat her big sister Kayla at the 1 year mark (Kayla weighed 16lb 4 at 1 year). She is maneuvering around on her bottom 360 degrees, but still won't really go and take the plunge towards crawling. Once she knows a toys is out of her reach, she just pushes herself back into sitting from her tummy. Smart little cookie.

Steve's brother is getting married this weekend, so we are busy getting the house ready for some family who will be staying with us. Kayla is going to be a flower girl and she is excited about getting her hair done up and wearing a beautiful white puffy dress like a princess. I am trying to keep her free of bruises on her face this week - it actually is quite a challenge because she constantly runs around and bumps her head and face into everything! Kayla continues to enjoy her mini chef classes at the community centre and is just a delight to be around. She surprised me the other day by changing herself out of her pajamas and into her own clothes all by herself. She is becoming so independent and I am so proud of her. She is full of energy and is really excited about the wedding and seeing her Vancouver cousins! I look forward to the wedding...and having a drink (or two or three or four or five).

And a little update on myself, I got a new job! I decided to get back into healthcare, so I'll be working at a Toronto hospital as a project manager. So no more Lug...I will miss the people (and the perks of discounted bags), but I look forward to making a difference and improving the quality of patient's lives. I'm a little nervous about going back to work, and how all of Lauren's therapies are going to get co-ordinated, but I'm sure we'll figure something out...

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