Sunday, July 4, 2010

My weekend with the girls alone

Well I survived the weekend with the two girls alone. Steve was off in Montreal for his brother's stag leaving me behind with the two kiddies. Things went pretty well. Friday I took the girls to High Park and met up with a friend of mine and her two kids. I managed to survive 4 hours trekking throughout the park without a double stroller (thankfully Kayla is so small that she was able to squeeze into my friend's Chariot stroller (who says a double stroller can't hold 3 kids?!)). The kids had a great time: we went to the petting zoo, they played in the castle and splashed in the splash pad. Kayla soaked all her clothes at the splash pad and so she sat in the car buck naked with only a towel around her all the way home. What a little monkey! Saturday, Kayla had soccer and then we were at another friend's house for some more water fun in the backyard. Sunday, Kayla went swimming in the morning at a local pool, we made pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast with family, and then we watched Toy Story at home with a big bowl of popcorn. Now it is Sunday night and both girls have been sleeping since 8:45pm. I tired them out! Phew. The weekend is over.

It was nice to spend time with just the girls this weekend. Kayla is quite a character, her personality is really coming through, she makes me laugh all the time. She is an awesome big sister to Lauren and to her cousin Bree. She fed Lauren solids twice on the weekend (which allowed me to wash the dishes and get things cleaned up) - although she jabbed the spoon so far into Lauren's mouth that she almost gagged and threw up. She is picking out books for bedtime (2 story books for Lauren and 2 for herself), and she managed to squeeze toothpaste onto her toothbrush herself and brush her teeth herself without too much of a mess. This weekend Lauren had real chicken for the first time which she loved (she's only had baby food chicken before), she sat in a high chair for the first time (which I am super excited about, because the many times I tried before, she always seemed to slouch alot so I opted to put her in a booster seat instead), and she seems to enjoy sitting in the splash pool. Its funny, I spent a lot of time this weekend with a few kids who are very close in age to Lauren. I am surprised at myself, but I did not feel jealous or unhappy or resentful. I actually felt really happy, proud and appreciative of all the big (and small) things her little friends have accomplished, although Lauren seems like miles away from some of their achievements. Perhaps its a sign that I have comes to terms that I am in Holland. Although I do always think about Italy.

So what's up for this week? We have physiotherapy and a visit from the vision consultant this week. I am eager to see how both appointments go. I am also taking Lauren to a Wiggles and Giggles class for 4-12 month olds. I am a bit nervous obviously. I know she is behind and although I am not suppose to compare, sometimes you just can't help it. I hope I will be ok. I want to take her because I think she needs some outside stimulation. Being trapped all day in the house with me doing exercises and watching Kayla isn't that fun. I actually took Lauren to this same class when she was 6-7 months old, and I remember watching all the other babies of all ages reaching for things while mine did nothing with her arms, not even showing interest in lifting them up....I remember how scared I was and how envious I was of all the other babies. Now, at least I can go back and show that Lauren can reach too...a little late, but she reaches for what she wants!

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