Wednesday, September 7, 2011

End of Summer - CNE Pictures

Ending off the summer, we did our annual trip to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). Steve and I have gone every year since we first started dating - and yes, not much has changed. Same buildings, same games, same food. Nevertheless, its a tradition with us, and now, our family. We weren't very adventurous with food this year - and failed to try the deep fried butter, deep fried coke or doughnut burger, but we did have the traditional ice cream waffle sandwich and 99 cent spaghetti. We stayed till dusk and Kayla had a great time playing games, eating cotton candy and hula hooping around with her cousin Bree, while Lauren enjoyed her mac n' cheese and sausage for dinner, loved looking at all the rides and lights and was constantly picking up food off the dirty streets and floors to eat.

 Wack-A-Mole. Steve loves playing this game, and he's good at it too!

A great way to end the day of walking with a 25 cent foot "wake-up". This is probably the best deal at the CNE!

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