Friday, September 2, 2011

Lauren's Summer - Quick Update

I can't believe the summer is flying by and next week will be September. This summer has been a busy one for all of us, and with no exception, Lauren continues to be busily booked with therapies and family outings. Her personality has bloomed this summer, and she has learned the power of using her voice to express discontent and excitement. The bad thing is the discontentment is being expressed as whines. Whining to be picked up, whining for milk, whining that someone took a toy away from her. Oh well, at least its an expression - gotta take the good with the bad.

The speech department continues to be our biggest challenge but there is progress, just slow progress that can't be scrutinized daily or weekly. Most recently Lauren has started squealing around the house and we love hearing and echoing her little high pitches. While words per se, haven't really come along yet, her pointing is helping her, at times, to communicate her needs. Today I opened the fridge to ask what she wanted to eat (purposefully placing items such as cheese and yoghurt on the lower shelves) and she pointed to the avacado in the clear fruit container. I was thrilled. She ended up eating half the avacado! 

Her constant smile reminds me that she is happy and well loved. I love the following picture I captured - A good nights sleep always makes a happy and smiley toddler in the morning.

So Lauren's summer has been alot of fun (for all of us). Here she is enjoying her first freezie below. Steve and I were really surprised she was willing to eat this because 1) she's always been reluctant to eat cold things and 2) she doesn't like to hold cold things in her hand. So way to go Lauren!!

Lauren loves the water - beaches, splashpads, even the bath. Below is a picture of her at Centre Island and at the splash pad at Canada's Wonderland.

Most notably over the past 2 weeks, Lauren has learned to squat and is now 100% walking!! As you may recall, her last goal was to get up independently into standing without pulling up and this was a challenge for her because she could never squat. If she wanted something on the floor, she would always simply just fall to the floor to get it as opposed to squatting and picking up the object and standing back up. She's also never knew how to jump in the jolly jumper (didn't like bending those knees) and is the reason why the PT kept encouraging her to use a trampoline. Anyhow, she's finally figured out the squat and because of this is able to get herself back up into standing without grabbing onto anything! Below is a picture of Lauren playing in squat which is a huge accomplishment for her! So 3 months from when she took her first steps (in May), she is now fully walking about and bringing a smile to everyone's face who sees her.

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