Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Sneak Peak

Twas the night before Halloween...

Kayla had plenty of ideas this year of what she wanted to be for Halloween. Her list of choices:
- a fireman
- an animal rescuer
- a dinosaur
- a super hero
- a knight

Interesting choices for a girl...there was definitely no princess, fairy or butterfly on the list! So we settled on the fireman costume...and for Lauren - well at least she got a new costume and not a hand-me down from her sister. A duck - somehow I think that suits her!

Kayla and Steve did their annual pumpkin carving. This year Kayla thought it would be neat to add Mr. Potatoe Head hands and feet..what a great idea! The treats are by the door, the pumpkin is outside, and the costumes are ready by the door....

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