Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Drooling and Bibs

Lauren has always been a drooler. While I know its normal for babies to drool, Lauren's low tone in the face magnified her drooling to the point where I remember Lauren going through 15+ soaking wet bibs per day around the age of 1.  A bib became part of her normal dress attire and the only time it came off was at nap time. We have christmas bibs, easter bibs, days of the week bibs, nice boutique bibs for when we are going out, crappy washed out, stained bibs for the days we stay at home and plastic bibs for eating. If Lauren didn't have a bib she would soak, i mean really soak, her t-shirts and tops. My purse was filled with bibs when we went out on day trips.

Last Christmas, Lauren went through a period of a 2-3 weeks with minimal drooling and I thought that I was finally be able to throw the bibs away, but then the faucet came back on.  Then this past summer Lauren's drooling stopped. I wasn't sure if it stopped or if the sun and heat was drying up the drool but I chose not to look into it and just enjoyed her not wearing a bib around all day. I crossed my fingers that this was it, but then once school started this past September, the faucet turned on again. While the drooling has lessened significantly over the past 3 years, Lauren still drools here and there, and more so when she is focusing and concentrating on a task. I brought up the concern of drooling to her pediatrician who told me that it was "normal" for kids to drool and that their is a drooling clinic, but i can't take her there until she turns 6!

Today I did a count and dump of the worst offending bibs. In total, Lauren has 70 bibs in my home, taking up a full dresser drawer. And this count is not including the bibs I had to leave at both grandparents home for the afternoons when they watch her. So I'm sure I have close to 100 bibs. Most are stained, have unsticky velcros, stretched necklines and are discolored. I threw all of them away with the exception of the "top 10" . Knock on wood that I did the right thing and Lauren doesn't revert back to her old ways. Please let the drooling stop!!

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